Finances And Property After Divorce

After the emotions, easily the most difficult thing for people during divorce is dividing property and other assets. For many couples going through divorce, this is when the stress and anger come out. You need a lawyer who can look at what you need to thrive and stand by you, even when you need to fight.

Are You Anxious About What To Expect?

Every state handles property division and alimony differently, but there are a few general rules across the country. First, if it was yours before you got married or if you inherited it, you keep it. Second, no one leaves a divorce with nothing. Our attorneys are here to make sure you get through your divorce able to thrive.

For families across Kentucky and Tennessee, we can help you:

  • Determine if you need alimony
  • Appeal for certain property, like your home
  • Account for family members who cannot or do not work, like stay-at-home mothers
  • Protect your financial future

With creative solutions and attention to detail, we can give you the legal help you deserve.

You Are Not Alone In Alimony Or Property Division Proceedings

At The Law Office of Brian L. Hill in Clarksville, we focus on helping families with their legal needs. We practice in family law and bankruptcy, so we know how to help you through complicated finances and make sure you know what you can and cannot handle when it comes to spousal support. When you call 931-320-9082, e can get started on your property division or alimony needs. You may also send us an email to arrange your consultation.