Get A Divorce Lawyer Who Does Not Judge

One of the worst parts of divorce is that on top of all the emotion, you might worry about logistics and other people's judgment. Our firm will take that burden off your shoulders. We take care of the legalese without judging the circumstances. With us, it is all about solutions.

Getting a hold of our firm is easy. You can reach us by email if you do not have the time to give us a ring. Otherwise, just call 931-320-9082 and ask to speak with one of our attorneys.

What You Need To Know About Divorce In Tennessee And Kentucky

Since the families we work with are so close to both Kentucky and Tennessee, we commonly have clients who move across the border after divorce or who require us to understand the details. The key takeaway for you is that divorce laws are different for each state, and you need a lawyer who knows how to help you regardless of what side of the Kentucky/Tennessee border you live on.

After this many years working with cross-state divorce, we can tell you confidently that our firm is able and willing to help you. We can take care of your needs regarding:

  • Alimony
  • Property division
  • Child custody
  • Cross-state agreements

You should also keep in mind that military families in Kentucky and Tennessee face extra considerations that may limit their movement or change their agreements drastically when they move. We can help.

Divorce Is Never Easy, But We Can Help Smooth The Process

You cannot know everything. And you are not responsible for every bad thing that happens. The Law Office of Brian L. Hill understands that your future is important. We can take the legal tasks off your plate and keep your head where it should be — on getting your life back together. Call us at our Clarksville office for a free consultation. Do not wait. Call 931-320-9082 or email us.