Come To Us For Custody Help

You and your child deserve to have the best. For many parents, deciding what is best for their child means determining who should be involved in their life and to what degree. This is not an easy task and as a co-parent, stability is so important for giving your child the best future possible.

For families where one parent is unstable, has a history of violence or drug abuse or is otherwise unfit for parenting, this is an especially difficult challenge. And, for parents who only have limited access to the child, reestablishing custody can be an uphill battle. Either way, parents need a lawyer who can help advocate for your child's best interests. The Law Office of Brian L. Hill is here for you.

How The Best Interests Of The Child Impacts Custody

The court uses a guiding principle when it comes to children: Do what is in the child's best interest. For many of us, that seems simple. We know what we believe is in our child's best interest, but that does not always match what the court decides. The court looks for an ideal placement for primary custody and for parenting time, meaning:

  • A stable environment that can provide for the child's physical needs
  • Support for the child's education and community involvement
  • Caring and emotionally supportive adults
  • A home free of drug and alcohol abuse and where violence is not present
  • What the child wants

The court does have a bias towards biological parents and will provide custody or visitation when possible. It can be very difficult to limit a parent's right to see their child, but recovering from a violation of one of these main qualities can be a challenge. You have to prove you are a suitable and stable adult.

You Can Take Care Of Your Child

Legal help is one of the best ways to make sure you take care of your child. Our attorneys will help you establish or modify custody. And, we do so without ever passing judgment on you or your past. You can reach us by email, or by dialing 931-320-9082. Our office is based in Clarksville and provides legal aid to families in Kentucky and Tennessee.