When Bankruptcy And Divorce Collide

Everyone knows that money is one of the biggest problems in divorce. We all know that the stereotype of the broke divorcée exists for a reason. And, when your finances were already unstable, a divorce may be what tips you over the edge into bankruptcy.

For families and individuals in Clarksville, or across Kentucky and Tennessee, you can depend on the lawyers at The Law Office of Brian L. Hill to make sure you do more than just survive a bankruptcy and divorce. We make sure you have a future. Call for a free consultation.

In-Depth Knowledge To Make Your Future Brighter

Bankruptcy and divorce come together more often than you may think.

Our firm can help you:

  • Evaluate your current finances
  • Determine what debts and property you are likely to divide as marital property
  • Decide what type of bankruptcy filing is right for your situation
  • Identify exceptions in bankruptcy law that may let you keep or retain property
  • Create a plan for both your divorce and any bankruptcy filings

The division of property, savings and debt make or break people's finances and for those considering or already undergoing bankruptcy, the way that your property is divided and the types of bankruptcy filings you choose may make a big difference.

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Attorney Brian L. Hill is known for his work in bankruptcy proceedings. Our firm handles hundreds of cases a year, many of them involve complicated bankruptcy elements. We understand divorce is already a vulnerable time. Do not leave yourself open to even more financial strain and vulnerability. Take care of yourself— email our firm or call us at 931-320-9082 to find out more.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.