Wage Garnishment Can Be Stopped

While unmanageable debt comes with innumerable stresses — creditor harassment, repossession, foreclosure — wage garnishment is easily one of the most severe, and its effects are immediate; who can afford to lose up to a quarter of a pretax paycheck?

One of the best things you can do to help yourself is to hire an attorney who knows what they are doing and who has the skills and legal experience to stop garnishment. With a skilled lawyer, you can pursue the filing that is right for you and immediately begin moving down the road of financial freedom, stability and independence.

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You Have Legal Options

If a debtor is past due on payments, creditors and collection agencies on their behalf can file grievances and complaints such that your bank account is levied. The money is then taken automatically from your bank account at the command of the court. This is the primary way that people engage with wage garnishment.

For many people, this is overwhelming. And, they think there is no way to ever get out from under their debt.

If your wages have been garnished or you are facing the prospect, understand that you have options. By employing the automatic stay that goes into effect in bankruptcy, you can put an immediate stop to garnishment and even reclaim certain wages that have been garnished — assuming you pursue bankruptcy correctly.

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