Get Answers About How Bankruptcy Will Affect You

You probably already feel overwhelmed. You did not turn to bankruptcy as a first choice. As a result, you have a lot of questions, or you may not even know what to ask. The Law Office of Brian L. Hill handles hundreds of bankruptcy cases a year. We have the answers you need and have listed some of the most basic questions we get below.

Every person's finances are different, so every case is different. You need tailored legal advice that will take the full picture of your financial life into consideration. Our firm can provide you with the legal knowledge to get the best outcomes possible and take your individual needs into account— for free. Do not wait. Call 931-320-9082 today.

What Will Happen To My Property?

Whether you will be able to stay in your home or keep your car will entirely depend on the type of bankruptcy you file and the exceptions you qualify for. This means you need someone on your side who knows the bankruptcy laws inside and out. That lawyer is at our office.

Will My Credit Be Ruined?

Bankruptcy will stay on your credit score for several years, but you have to balance that with what happens when constantly in debt. You could be damaging your credit by always paying bills late or overdrawing your bank account. You can easily fall into financial traps like payday loan schemes that dig you even deeper in debt. Filing for bankruptcy may be the proactive step you need to keep you out of more trouble.

Why Should I Choose An Attorney Over Debt Relief Services?

Debt relief services are tempting and often appeal to people at their weakest moments. But debt relief companies often do not know what they are doing and they are prone to give you advice that just makes your situation worse. The worst of these companies will simply take your money and leave you without the resources or help you need to recover.

Can Your Firm Help?

Our firm has experience and the legal wherewithal to help you recover. We will help comb through your finances and get you the best options possible. You do not need to worry. Ring us at 931-320-9082 or send our office an email. Your first meeting is free.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.